Everyone is online during COVID-19. You should be, too.

A clean, simple website will help your customers find your business and simplify the buying process.

How do COVID-19 restrictions affect your business?

Customer loss

“Customers don’t know my business is still open.”

Delivery restrictions

“I’m restricted to drive-thru, curbside service, or delivery since customers can’t come into my business.”

Business shutdown

“I had to temporarily shut my business down.”

You still have value to offer your community.

Let's keep positive cash flow!

Simple website

Give customers access to your products and delivery options through a simple website.

Drive sales

Drive customers to your website with targeted social media ads.

Save time

Customers know what they need before they call, saving you time and money.

Cash flow

Let your business thrive in hard times with positive cash flow.

Meet your customers where they are!

Social distancing is keeping everyone cooped up in their homes. With everyone interacting with their devices more that usual, there’s no excuse not to meet them there. Use proven marketing concepts and design principles that make your business grow in any economic condition.

Check this out

Let's say you own a restaurant...

Get their attention

Someone sees your ad on social media, where they're spending all their time. They follow the ad to your website.

Show them the menu

They look at your menu and know exactly what they want. They don't need to call and waste their time and yours as you read the menu over the phone. They call knowing exactly what they want.

Fill their order

Take payment over the phone like you normally would, make arrangements for drive-thru, curbside service, or delivery.

One step further

With ecommerce functionality, your website can take orders for you. You just cook it and serve it.

Three steps to a profitable website...

Step 1

Define your destination

Define which products and services you’re selling during the shutdown and how you’ll deliver them.

Step 2

Build the highway

Build the avenues your customers need to find the products and services you offer.

Step 3

Mark the path

Lead your customers to your destination and make sales.

Don't slow down!

I know you want your business to stay alive during COVID-19. In order to do that, you need to be able to make sales. The problem is, Health Department restrictions keep your customers from knowing you’re still working, which reduces your sales, putting pressure on your business, your employees and you. 

I believe you still have value to offer your community and can keep your business active during the shutdown by providing drive-thru, curbside service, or delivery. We understand the stress from losing financial stability, which is why we build simple and direct landing pages that let your customers know you’re still open for business and simplify the buying process, giving your cash flow positive momentum.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Define what products or services you offer and how you can deliver them.
  • Build the avenues your customers need to access your business.
  • Lead your customers to your landing page, show them your products or services and how they can buy.

So, let’s talk. Stop losing money during COVID-19 restrictions! Keep your customers active and your cash flowing.

Start building your online presence.




  • Basic Landing Page




  • Basic Landing Page

  • Static Imagery for Social Media Posts and Ads

  • Strategic Google Business Listing




  • Upgraded Landing Page

  • Videos and Static Imagery for Social Media Posts and Ads

  • Strategic Google Business Listing

  • Video Banner on Landing Page

  • Product Photos / Videos

All Online



  • Full-blown, clean, SEO ready Ecommerce Website

  • Take Orders online

  • Videos and Static Imagery for Social Media Posts and Ads

  • Strategic Google Business Listing

  • Video Banner on Home Page

  • Product Photos / Videos

* Discounts available until 05/31/2020.

Essential addons, because you have to store it somewhere.

Domain Name

$20 / year


  • Basic Landing Page

Web Hosting

$480 / year


  • Includes One Free Domain Name ($20 Value)

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Personalized Email (yourname@yourbusiness.com)


How do I know it's worth it?

Your website is your business online, use social media as sign posts to get people there. You own the content on your website. You have a lot more control about the way it’s displayed, making it easier to find vital information. 

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Sure you can! But will it make you money or cost you money? If you have a good sense of design, know how to structure a website, and understand marketing fundamentals, you’ll be fine. If you don’t have the knowledge or time to tackle a project of this magnitude, we can take the reins for you.

Not much. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can spend your time on other things. We’ll have a discussion or two in the beginning to make a detailed plan, then my our team will put everything together. We’ll reach out to you regularly as we build your online mansion. 

Let's talk about your business.

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